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A True Gem

Momma's Motivational Messages is a true gem of a podcast. I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from the steady stream of inspiration, motivational ideas, and authentic conversation. Listening to PK and her guests is a wonderful act of self-care.


Loved to be reminded that money is not wealth…It is about passion and purpose. Nailed it again PK!


Loved to be reminded that money is not wealth…It is about passion and purpose. Nailed it again PK!

Encouraging me to find my Happy Place

I am the listening audience ! lol. Listening to this podcast has helped me to realize that I need to continue to create the life I desire. PK is such an incredible podcaster who speaks straight to your heart and mind. After listening to her , I am immediately encouraged to find my happy place and focus on my life! Love love love this so much!

Powerful and personal

This podcast hugs and feeds my soul. It is always what I need to hear. It is always like a long conversation with my dearest auntie. Mommas are special, but Aunties are real real! Thank you PK for allowing me to have lovely fulfilling conversations with you whenever I want by just pulling up the podcast ❤️❤️❤️

I am able to direct my thoughts and manage my emotions

Very empowering 👍🏽👍🏽 Peggie, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others ! Thank you for much light and a whole lot of love!

Powerful and beautifully motivating

Happy to have added this as one of my first podcasts. Short, insightful with truly great messages to help me focus on loving me and finding my true self.

Need to hear

I love this podcast because Dr. K provides words of wisdom and steps to help me look at my personal and professional life in realistic ways. Words, when I didn’t think I needed them, to help me mentally and physically.

Great Wisdom Being Shared by Dr. PK!

I stumbled across this podcast but so much life wisdom was on offer, I binged several episodes. Give Dr. PK a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Highly Motivated

Thank you Dr. K for the amazing advice that made my next steps clear and within reach. I can’t wait to make myself, “The object of my love and compassion” like I do for others.

The Power of Love

These "20 Affirmations to Help you Practice Audacious Acts of Self-love" could not have come at a more timely season, when Black Sisters' and Brothers' lives seem to mean so little to others. We need to learn to love others, but even more importantly, we need to learn to love ourselves so we can lead happier and healthier lives!


Dr. K’s podcasts are inspiring and genuine. They have brought me joy and strength. She masterfully speaks with the voice of a loving mom and witty best friend wrapped into one.