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September 06, 2021
Why Affirmations are Like Golf Clubs: The Positive Impact Of Affirmations

Affirmations can have a powerful and positive impact on people's lives.  In this Episode, Dr. Peggie Kirkland tells listeners that affirmations are like golf clubs that you can  keep in your player's golf bag.  Just like a golfer has a variety of clubs from which he/she  chooses depending on the kind of shot he/she is trying to make,  you can pull can pull your affirmatio…

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  • Do they make you feel more loving toward yourself and more confident? 
  • Do they increase your belief in your abilities?  
  • Do they make it easier for you to take life in stride? 

Try to be aware of how your mind and body react to your practice of repeating affirmations.  Be consistent with this practice and you’ll see the difference over time. Just click the link! FREE Affirmation eCards.
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Peggie Kirland 

Hi, everyone. 

It's Peggie Kirkland. You know, PK. That's what my daughter likes to call me when she's trying to be cute. Listen, I know I said that our new season will start on October 6, and it will. But at 5:30 this morning, I couldn't sleep anymore. I just kept getting this impression on my heart that I needed to share something positive with you. So, I thought about what I could share with you over the next couple of weeks while we were away. And then I realized how much you enjoyed the episode that was titled 20 Affirmations to Help You Practice Audacious Acts of Self-love because it was among the top three episodes that you downloaded. And then the fact that you're taking advantage of the free affirmation ecards. All of that, let me know that you found value in the episode. And oh, by the way, if you haven't done so yet please go to the website: so that you can subscribe and receive your FREE Affirmation ecards. So anyway, I decided that the best thing that I could do right now is to share some affirmations with you. So, if you're a new listener, welcome to Momma's Motivational Messages. And if you're a returning listener, thank you for the love.  

Peggie Kirkland 1:39 

So, here I am taking a break from the break, so that I could share some affirmations with you. For the next 30 days, I'm going to be sharing one affirmation a day with you to help you build your positive thinking muscle, especially now, when the world seems to be at odds with all of the natural and man-made disasters, catastrophes and calamities. And what some of you might just think of as pure bad luck. We need something positive to hold on to right now, don't we? So from Monday to Friday, each day, I will share a new affirmation with you with one or two questions that will allow you to reflect on how the affirmation is impacting your life. I would recommend that you capture your responses on your electronic device, or in a journal so that you can reflect on them periodically to see if you're growing, or whether you're stuck in the same speed and incline as if you're on the treadmill. 

Peggie Kirkland 2:53 

I'm really wondering though, how are you keeping yourself on a positive footing with the abundance of external negativity that we're all surrounded by, and that ends up leading to us internalizing a lot of the negativity? For me, one of the things I do is to repeat and reflect on affirmations.  I keep my affirmations on posts around the house, as well as on my electronic devices. So when I feel myself going to a place of negativity, I give myself a timeout, and I pick an affirmation, and I repeat it until I start to feel it in my body. To be honest with you, the first few times, I can say it felt like I was just saying words. But as I repeated it over and over, one by one, those words started to seep into my brain. And I started to relate the words to a situation that I know to be true, until I felt that switch in my brain turning on. And I could feel that mental and emotional shift from negativity to positivity. Again, you could check out the episode on 20 Affirmations... to learn some more about that shift. And I'll give you an example of what I mean. The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine, and I still can't remember what the conversation was about. But somewhere along the way, she said, "Girl, you're already winning at life."  And even though our conversation was quite frivolous, something about those words resonated with me. And I told her that I was going to write that down and put it on my mirror. And I did. 

Peggie Kirkland 4:48 

And so when recently I was feeling a little emotionally low. I just stood there, and I looked at those words and I started to repeat them, and then I asked myself, "How do I know this to be true?" And you know what I had to acknowledge that just waking up that morning started me off as a winner, because some folk who went to bed the night before, just like I did, didn't wake up. In fact, some people died in their basement apartments that night, because of the flooding that resulted from the remnants of Hurricane Ida, and many others died across four states. And so I thought about the blessings of my family and friends who were unaffected by the storm. And I thought about our material comforts. And I started to feel it in my bones that I was already winning at life. And so when I was thinking, again, about all of my unrealized summer plans, that didn't happen because of pandemic restrictions, I brought myself back to the understanding that in spite of all of the things that I couldn't control, that were putting me in a negative space, I had awakened that day, in perfect health, of mind, body, and spirit. And so, I was already winning at life. And so I kept my focus on that affirmation, I wrote it a few more times, and I posted it on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, in my office, so that I could be reminded that I am already winning at life.  

Peggie Kirkland. 6:48 

So, if you're a believer in the power of affirmations, then I ask you to enjoy these affirmations, you can add them to your arsenal of artillery that you use to overcome negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative people and negative situations. But if you're a newcomer to the concept that affirmations can have a powerful and positive impact on your life, then just try incorporating them into your daily life and see what happens.  

Peggie Kirland 7:25 

As I said before, for the next 30 days, I'll provide you one affirmation per day, I'll repeat it three times to give you an opportunity to really listen, not just to hear what I'm saying. And then there's something I want you to do next.  You know, the educator in me can't stop there. I want you to really benefit from these affirmations. So I'm gonna share a little secret with you, and it's called the Learning Pyramid. Now, what is the learning pyramid? It is a group of models that really speak to the degree to which we retain information based on the type of learning we engage in. What does all that mean? Well, what it means is that if you're engaging in a lecture type of learning, that's when someone is just speaking to you or speaking at you, you will only retain 5% of what's being told to you. And I certainly want you to retain more than 5% of what I'm going to be sharing with you through these affirmations. And the other thing to take note of is that as humans, we have a very short attention span. In fact, the average attention span of a human is only eight seconds. Meanwhile, goldfish are set to have an attention span of at least nine seconds, consider that. So what I want you to do is to try to find some ways in which you can use the affirmations immediately. Try to relate them to something in your own life experience. You can make a journal entry, or you can put it together with pictures, or even a painting or write a few quick lines of poetry, if you will; something that allows you to take an active role in using the affirmations. Or better yet, you could share it with someone else, you know, each one reach one and teach one. The truth is that by teaching others, you actually retain 90% of what you're learning. So there's a lot of benefit to teaching someone anyway. By the end of the month, you will have an arsenal of affirmations to draw on when you need them for various situations that arise in your life.  

Peggie Kirkland 10:11 

I don't play golf, but it's on my bucket list, If my shoulders will allow me. I want you to think of these affirmations like a golf player's bag which has a variety of clubs for them to choose from, depending on whether they're teeing off or getting airborne shots, or rolling the ball into the hole.  

Peggie Kirkland 10:33 

So, starting tomorrow, which is exactly one month before we resume our show, I will provide one affirmation each day, Monday to Friday by 8am until October 6. Now on Saturdays and Sundays, I want to hear from you. So, I want you to take the time to reflect on the week of affirmations and choose one that resonated with you to share with our listening audience. All you have to do is go to the website: and click on the mic and record your affirmation and say how this affirmation impacted you during the week. We'll be sharing your responses on Affirmation Mondays throughout our next season. Remember, you retain 90% of what you teach so go ahead and click on that mic on our website and get to sharing. I am looking forward to hearing how the affirmations are impacting your lives.  

Peggie Kirkland 11:43 

Okay, I'm going back to bed. This is PK sending you light and a whole lot of love.