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February 17, 2022
Reason #6: Cupid's Working Overtime to Help You Show Love for Your Spiritual Wellbeing

If you've ever asked yourself, "What's my purpose?" It's because you were in the space of assessing your spiritual wellbeing, which is less about your religious affiliation and and more about your personal values, your be...

If you've  ever asked yourself, "What's my purpose?" It's because you were in the space of assessing your spiritual wellbeing, which  is less about your  religious affiliation and  and more about your personal values, your beliefs  and your search for meaning and purpose in life.   

In this episode, PK shares the connection between your  spiritual wellness and  your physical, mental and emotional wellness, and it's not about your religious affiliation.   
You'll want to listen to this episode so you can assess where you are in your spiritual wellness. 

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • You can be religious and not spiritually healthy or spiritually healthy and not religious
  • When you’re spiritually well you have a clear set of beliefs, and you live in accordance with your morals, values and beliefs. 
  • Failure to live in accordance with your values and beliefs can affect your mental and emotional state which can then lead to stress, and can snowball into other illnesses.   

Here are some questions you ca ask yourself  to assess your own spiritual wellness:

  1. What gives my life meaning and purpose?
  2. What gives me hope?
  3. Do my values guide my decisions and actions?

And as always, seek out professional help if you are unable to do so on your own.

The bottom line is, as the Global Experiences Office at the University of Pittsburgh says, spiritual wellness is fundamental to your overall wellness because it can help determine your mood and your actions.  It also  influences your mood and stress levels and can impact all your decisions life.  

Spiritual Wellness:  What is your meaning and purpose?    
Spiritual wellness is fundamental

And while you’re assessing your spiritual wellness,  practice using affirmations to keep you positive and uplifted.  Just click the link and you can grab your FREE Affirmation eCards to shift your mindset, raise your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence.  

Choose one or two that resonate with you, and make a habit of repeating them several times throughout the day, especially when you wake up in the morning, and at night before you go to bed. As you use them, observe the effect they have on you.  

  • Do they make you feel more loving toward yourself and more confident? 
  • Do they increase your belief in your abilities?  
  • Do they make it easier for you to take life in stride? 

Try to be aware of how your mind and body react to your practice of repeating affirmations.  Be consistent with this practice and you’ll see the difference over time.

Just click the link! FREE Affirmation eCards  

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