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October 20, 2021
How I Overcame Life’s Challenges By Listening To My Mind, Body And Spirit With Rochel Marie Lawson

Part of a larger Divine plan is how you sometimes come to view your life, If you’ve lived log enough. You also realize that life sometimes takes us on unpredictable journeys, that may initially make our heads spin, but once ...

Part of a larger Divine plan is how you sometimes come to view your life, If you’ve lived log enough.  You also realize that life sometimes takes us on unpredictable journeys, that may initially make our heads spin, but once we get over the initial shock of the experience, and we take some time to reflect, we may realize that things that happen are not just coincidences.   That was the experience of Rochel Marie Lawson in her journey to what she calls blissful living. 

 In this episode, Rochel Marie, takes us on a journey starting with her graduation from college with a degree in Electrical Engineering, a rarity for a woman in the 80s.   She takes us through the challenges she encountered as a female in a male-dominated field how she dealt with them.  She shares the story of how  on her job hunt, she received many praises about her qualifications, and promises for employment, none of which materialized.  In fact,   what she was told was that if she  were hired, she would be working with men who were her father’s age, and that was not something these companies were prepared to deal with.  This was one of many experiences that caused Rochel Marie to make a decision to start a telecommunications installation company with her husband.  That was one challenge that Rochel Marie overcame, but that was not all. 

 Rochel also overcame a health condition that had gone undiagnosed for more than 17 years.  She did this by taking stock of her health, listening to her body and learning about and practicing Ayurveda. Rochel Marie credits her use of Ayurvedic practices with getting her on the path to health and a life of "bliss."

You’ll want to hear Rochel Marie, the Queen of Fabulous, tell you about her challenges and triumphs in her own words. She brings the energy!!

Rochelle Marie Lawson is a successful business owner, registered nurse. Ayurvedic health practitioner, holistic health and wellness consultant, international best-selling author, speaker and radio show hostess. She is the president of Blissfulliving4u, which was founded to bring holistic wellness, wisdom and wealth into the lives of individuals seeking a natural path to abundance, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and joy. She's also the author of four best-selling books.

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 Rochel Marie Lawson, Peggie Kirkland


Peggie Kirkland  00:04

Welcome to the Mama's Motivational Messages Podcast, where women learn to stop putting themselves on the back burner and start paying attention to caring for themselves first, so they can be better for everyone else in their lives. I know you'll be inspired by the stories of resiliency and starting over, of health and self-healing, of gaining clarity through journaling, of showing self -love through world travel, and the list goes on. I encourage you to relax and enjoy. I'm your host Peggie Kirkland, PK

 Peggie Kirkland  00:44

 Rochel Marie Lawson. Rochel Marie is a successful business owner, registered nurse. ayurvedic health practitioner, holistic health and wellness consultant, international best-selling author, speaker, and radio show hostess. She is the president of Blissfulliving4u, which was founded to bring holistic wellness, wisdom and wealth into the lives of individuals seeking a natural path to abundance, health, happiness, peace, prosperity, and joy. She's also the author of four best-selling books. Ooh, that was a mouthful.

 Peggie Kirkland  01:35

And as if that isn't enough, is known as the queen of feeling fabulous. Welcome to the show, Queen. It's great to have you here today. I know my audience can't wait to know more about you after that introduction.

 Rochel Marie Lawson  01:55

Thank you so much. It is great to be here. 

 Peggie Kirkland  02:00

 Marie, what can you share about your background that would help my listening audience to start to getting knowing you a little bit better other than the long list of accomplishments and accolades that I shared? Like, where did you grew up? What's your educational background? Things like that. 

  Rochel Marie Lawson  02:21

Okay, so I am a Silicon Valley girl. I was born at Stanford hospital and was raised in the Silicon Valley. And that's where I grew up. I went to college at the age of 16 to San Diego State and graduated from there and then went on to engineering school, and nursing school and a few other advanced degrees, but just always been a seeker of education, you know, educating myself and, and keeping myself abreast of how I can make my life and the lives of others better. 

 Rochel Marie Lawson  03:01

And so I have kids, and I'm a trendsetter. I would definitely say I'm a trendsetter. And I'm a successful business, extraordinaire girl, because I've had to go through some things to get to that success. I've had a path that has led me to success, and it's been an interesting path, but I'm so grateful for it. 

 Peggie Kirkland  03:30

So you graduated with an engineering an Electrical Engineering degree. Can you tell us a little more about that, because I don't know a lot of women who have that accomplishment under their belts.

 Rochel Marie Lawson  03:49

Well, it was interesting how it came about. So, I got married when I was 18 years old, and I was a junior in college down in San Diego. And my husband was living in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Jose. And when I graduated at 20, he was in school still and so you know, I was just young and in love and you know, whatever, I wanted to spend time with him so I enrolled in the program. And it was something again that I didn't think I was gonna get accepted, but I got accepted right away and then I got accepted into an accelerated part of the program because I had already had so many of the prerequisites out of the way from my undergraduate degree at San Diego State. So, it was different.  if I really would have thought about it probably back then I probably would not have done it. But you know, everything is done for a reason. And it's… it's always intervention when things happen. You don't always understand why they happen at that moment. But in the future, all is revealed to you why that thing that seems so out of context happened and I think that's what happened in my life.

 Peggie Kirkland  05:00

So tell me a little more, a little bit more about Intervention and how that played a role in your life.

 Rochel Marie Lawson 05:09

So intervention for me, I've always had a connection to the energy and, you know, the angels and things of that nature since I was a very little girl. And so I've always utilized that throughout my life as a child, when I was you know, having stressful moments; as a young adult and pretty much throughout my life, so it's just kind of natural for me to sometimes be really clued in and pay attention. But I'm just like everybody else, sometimes I don't get the information or this method to go a certain way, and I don't understand it, but I do it and then later, I get Oh, it comes together was a  intervention thing; sort of, like when you're driving down the freeway, and you have a inclination to get off on the next exit, and you're not sure, but you do it anyways. And then you realize, like, up ahead, there was an accident on the freeway that would, uh, you know, caused delay, or you could have been involved in so it's just paying attention to those little signs that have led me and have guided me, you know, as I like to say, on my path to bliss,

 Peggie Kirkland  06:21

And is that part of what actually got you into electrical engineering and starting your own company with your husband,

 Rochel Marie Lawson  06:31

The electrical engineering was an aspect that I needed to have, on my journey. What started the company, I would say, also was a series of events that happened to me, that made me want to start a company. But when I was growing up, I just want to share something really quick, when I was growing up, I'm the only girl in my whole entire family. So I was always surrounded by boys and I have a brother, that's four years younger than me, and then all my cousins were boys. So I've always been around males and male energy and play with boys; I play football, baseball, all kinds of stuff. And so it just seems like I have this natural inclination to get along really well with guys. And to be drawn to some of the things that they like, I'm a sports fan to, die for, for I've got my teams, just like you know, the fellas in my life. 


 Marie Lawson  07:24

But I think with all of that, the rationale or the explanation that I guess the  would give me is you were put in this position, or in these situations for a reason because as you travel down your path to bliss, you're going to need to interact with the male species in a much different way than you do with your family members. And you're going to need to have learned some things that you learn from interacting with your cousins and stuff when you were little, that's that's going to help you later in life when you need to utilize it in dealing with men in a in a certain or different capacity. And so I would say all of that is been Divinely guided, whether I recognized that at the moment it was happening, probably not all the time, most likely not. But later, it comes to fruition. And if I'm meditating, I'll get that download. And it's like it just the light bulb goes off. And and I have clear understanding as to why things have been happening or why things happen.


Peggie Kirkland  08:23

That's interesting. I guess part of my curiosity has to do with the understanding that a young woman entering the world of electrical engineering could not have been common, and must have had a variety of challenges. Would you agree with that? And would you share some of those challenges if that was part of your experience?


 Rochel Marie Lawson  08:50

Oh, most definitely. So definitely not a common thing. And again, let me just share this story with you. So when I graduated from this electrical engineering school, again, it was something that if I would have thought about it, I probably wouldn't have chose to do that. But I was good. I'm a good student. So when I graduated, I went and applied at every major electronics firm at that time as what they were called in Silicon Valley. And you know, I'm not I'm not afraid or ashamed to call them out. But think of every major firm in the mid 80s that was in Silicon Valley, that had something to do with the electronics and the evolution of our technology, which we utilize today. And so I interviewed with these companies, and they would say oh, we would love to have you, we would, we would love to hire you. You did phenomenal. But you're going to be working with men that are your father's age. And so until we can figure out how to make them comfortable. Once we do that, we will call you. 


Peggie Kirkland  10:02

You're not serious. Tell me You're not serious.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  10:05

Oh, yeah, I'm very serious. And I never got that call. So that was another driving factor that led me to when I went back to school to become a nurse because I've been thinking I needed a way to, you know, be able to support my family and stuff. And two, that led me to start my first business, which is a telecommunications installation company.


Peggie Kirkland  10:30

So were you able to land any jobs in the field before you went back to school for nursing?


Rochel  Marie Lawson  10:39

None, zero.  I never got that call. That call, they promised me I never got it. And the funny thing is, because I'm very intuitive, I knew the moment that I walked out that door, I would never see that person or hear from them again.  I knew it. So as this went on, you know, interviewing with 10 major companies in Silicon Valley, and I know I had the credibility, because they would tell me, you, you are amazing, you define your, and they would say stuff like, oh, you're This is odd, you know, what made you you know, want to go into this, this field of choice, you know, there's not very many women in this field to choice, stuff like that. So just picking up on the verbiage that they were saying to me at a young age, you know, 21, I got it, because I'm intuitive. And that is what led me to start that telecommunications company;  that drive in me.


 Rochel  Marie Lawson  11:33

 I have always had this drive and need to be successful. And to set out when I set out to do something, I'm going to accomplish it, and I'm going to accomplish it at the best of my abilities. And so the telecom company just evolved, because my husband, the male, got a job right away, and it was in a new evolutionary field called telecommunications. And so he was really good at that. And it got to the point where the customers for the company he was working with, would just start wanting him to come in and do their project. I'm like, Hey, we could do this ourselves, you know, you can you can teach me you know, the basic basis of how to run cable and, and I will just do Nursing at night to support us with our medical and stuff until we get the company going. And then, you know, we can do this. And that's exactly how the company started. 


Rochel Marie Lawson  12:26

It's, he...we pulled away in our very, three very first customers were very large financial institutions and accounting firms in San Francisco. And the accounting firm is no longer in existence due to propriety improprieties back in the day, when that all that accounting stuff happened, but the two financial institutions are still our customer today. And that company has been in business for 31 years.


Peggie Kirkland  12:57

So  Marie, for the Gen X women who are listening and who are struggling in terms of their careers, and who are looking for employment or looking to make a transition, I also wanted to know what kinds of strategies you might want to share with women who may be thinking about transitioning from their own jobs into maybe becoming entrepreneurs.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  13:50

So what I would share is, find a mentor or somebody that you can have dialogue with and establish a relationship with someone that’s maybe in a given career choice that you're looking at, or way that you want to go in your already established career. Or if you want to start a business, if you want to turn your passion into purpose and profit, find someone that's already walked that road that you can, you know, set up a relationship to be a mentor of yours. And the reason I say that is because I didn't have that. I was alone Ranger playing in an male-dominated world when I started that, that business all those years ago, and I didn't have any support system. And you know, when you are the top, the top executive in a company, and you're a woman, particularly during that time, late 80s, early 90s you know, you had you get a term put upon you that's not necessary complimentary, but I've changed it around and made it complimentary, but it's really interesting. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  15:06

And so it wasn't until I had been in business probably seven, eight, maybe nine years that I joined an organization, National Association of Women Business Owners.  I joined that organization in Silicon Valley, because I wanted to connect, and have dialogue and meet other women business owners, that may have been having the same issues that I was having as a business owner, and tap into their wisdom and gain, you know, some knowledge without having to go through the hard knocks of life, so to speak. And once I did that, everything just opened up for me, just amazingly, because now I had the wisdom of not just me, and what I was going through, but the collective wisdom of others that have already walked that journey. And I think that was just a beautiful experience.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  15:53

 So I'm saying women out there, if you want to make a career change, elevate your career, start a business, or if you're already in a business, and you want to take your business to the next level, find someone that is doing that what you desire to do, and ask them if you can have some conversation dialogue with them, and or if they will be your mentor. And you'd be surprised how many people, women, will say yes, and I'm saying women had that mentorship with another woman, because you can't get what you need from a man in the context of how you need to handle things, in this male, still male-dominated world. But as a woman, and this this unity that we have, when we come together, that becomes powerful. I've seen it. I've seen it happen to me, I try to do that with others that I work with. So it's um, it's it's very important, particularly now is the year of the woman in this movement that has been going on. And I want to call it a movement, because it's time, but since 2019, and it's just the the vessel has popped;  the cork of the champagne is popped open. And so now it's time for us ladies to come together and support each other. So that we can all lift each other up, and, and be in unity and strength. There's no powerful presence on the world, than when females come together in that sense of harmony and unity, and compassion. And the goal is to be strengthening each other and in helping us go along our journey in a more beautiful way. So that is what I would say, Don't isolate yourself. But find someone that can definitely mentor you or give you a couple of words of wisdom. So that you don't have to, you know, do the hard knocks of life stuff when it's not really necessary.


Peggie Kirkland  17:45

So I hear the passion in your voice. I hear the caring in your voice. And it makes me wonder, how did you get the title Queen of feeling fabulous?


 Rochel Marie Lawson  18:00

Yeah, that's a funny question that everyone always asks. And it's really funny. I started saying that term, probably when I was 30. And I have no idea why I think I was mocking someone and it just like, and then it was like, I did feel fabulous. I looked fabulous. I felt fabulous. I'm, you know, healthy in my body spirit emotionally, physically. So when someone would ask me, I would say..they'd say, "Girl How you doing today?" And I'd be like, Oh, I'm feeling fabulous. And so this had been going on, but I really didn't, it didn't really sink in with me. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  18:36

And then in 2010, I met these two ladies that got me on this whole journey that I'm on now with business, but I met these two ladies. And one of the ladies actually both of them became my really good friends and mentors. But one of them was my very first like mentor person that I invested in myself in a big way to tap into her wisdom about about business, this aspect of business I wanted to do. And she was like,  Marie? She'd be like, Girl How are you doing? And I'm like I you know, girl I feel fabulous. And she's like, you always say that and you always look fabulous. And you always radiate, fabulousness. She said, You know what? You are the queen of feeling fabulous. And that's how that came about. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  19:17

And it's just so and it just sticks. And so, and even to this day, I was like, yeah, you know what I think back, like I've been saying that for a long time, but it's not. It's not fake. And it's not a lie when  I say that I do feel fabulous. I mean, I you know, I'm really, really healthy. And I'm very blessed to be really, really helpful, healthy, but I wasn't always really, really healthy. So I take my health and well being very serious and I know it's my greatest asset and the greatest asset that we all have. And so I work on maintaining my health and well being so that I could stay feeling and looking absolutely fabulous.


Peggie Kirkland  19:57

I could tell that you wear the title very, very well. And I'm also wondering whether you talk a lot about health and well being. I'm wondering if that's what got you into Ayurvedic practices?


Rochel  Marie Lawson  20:13

Oh, well, yeah, I know, health and well being is our greatest asset. Now remember when I started that telecom company, I did that during the day. But I worked as an emergency room trauma nurse at night, and just had some amazing experiences with the patients that I was blessed to take care of. And here's the funny thing, when I was working as a registered nurse in the emergency room, and trauma rooms throughout Silicon Valley in East Bay, I always worked with all male RNs, and I was always the only female, go figure that so...(Laughter)


Peggie Kirkland  20:51

That's your blessing.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  20:53

Yes, I need to gift the guys with my energy, I guess. But it was beautiful. So I knew for a very long time, even before I became a nurse, how important our health and well being was because I suffered for 17 years, with an undiagnosed medical condition that precipitated to get worse and worse and worse and worse. I went to numerous doctors, I went to doctors at Stanford, Palo Alto clinic, all these, you know, places and no one could ever diagnose what I had. But they were really quick to give me a prescription for whatever they didn't know what I had. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  21:30

And so I started doing things; I had an experience when I was 10 years old, and this, this professional athlete came up to me, I run a track and field, he came up to me, and he told me how to meditate. It was very simple. And he called it meditation, it was very simple. But it was something I began to do. And then about 13, I was in high school and I you know, I stopped eating fast food because it didn't matter if I ate spaghetti today, I will be fine, ate that same spaghetti tomorrow, I'd be sick or vice versa. So if I went to fast food, I thought, you know, is this making me sick, I was sick every single day. But I got really pretty good at faking it until I couldn't fake it anymore. And long story short was I developed over that 17 years, these habits and things that I would I was doing playing with herbs and doing herbal concoctions and drinking herbal tea and just doing anything that I could to help me feel better. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  22:28

And then at the age of 25 is when I was meditating, I had a complete  download of everything that I was doing put in sequential step. And I did that for nine months and was healed without any pharmaceutical medication for my ailment that I suffered with for 17 years. And what I suffered with; by this time I was already a nurse.  What I suffered with was a it had started as an ulcer that became a bleeding ulcer. And it was all related to, it was all stress-induced related to what happened to me 17 years prior. So it was like, Oh my gosh, you know, this is this is amazing. Now I started doing a little bit of research and found out that what I had done was all Ayurvedic practices. And I didn't know anything about Ayurvedic. So I dived hook line and sinker into that and learned as much as I possibly can. And when I could go back to school, I went back to school and got an advanced degree in Ayurvedic medicine, and became an Ayurveda I have a title as a Ayurvedic nurse practitioner. And so that is my journey. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  23:35

It was like, again, remember, I opened up and said, there's all these things that we do. And sometimes they don't even make any sense. Like why would I follow the sequence of something that came to me and meditation and do it, but what happened was, I was at my wit's end. And it was like, nothing else is working. What have I got to lose? That was my mindset. And so as I started doing it, I started feeling better and better and better and better. And then all of a sudden, it was gone. And I was like, Oh my God, every morning, I woke up with excruciating abdominal discomfort. And as I started getting less and less and less, and then one morning, I woke up and it was gone. That first morning, I thought, that's a fluke. It's this is you know, I kept waiting for the pain to come all day, and it never came. And so that was the blessing of Ayurveda for me. And as I learned those principles and modalities, I begin to incorporate those principles into the way I run my businesses. And it's just been amazing. So I love Ayurveda. I say, Ayurveda saved my life because I'm not sure I could have went on any longer with regards to what was happening in my digestive system that was causing just so much, you know, pain.


Peggie Kirkland  24:48

Wow, that's quite a story. And you know, it's so interesting how we made a full circle back to  intervention and  downloads. It ... that's so very interesting. For my listening audience for anyone out there, Rachelle Marie who is really not familiar with Ayurveda and  Ayurvedic practices, can you just back up a little bit to share what that is? And how others can really benefit from those practices?


 Rochel Marie Lawson  25:25

Oh my goodness, yes, thank you so much. So for a you are listening that may have heard about Ayurveda the word or never heard it before. Let me share a little bit about it with you, Ayurveda is a medical modality that originated in India, anywhere between I think 3500 to they say about 5000, some people say 7000 years ago. And it's a medical modality that is focused on eliminating the root cause of illness. And let me rephrase that it's focused on keeping you balanced, in a balanced state. And the belief is that you need to eliminate the root cause of disease and illness, so that you don't have to deal with the signs and symptoms. Whereas in western medicine, we treat the signs and symptoms and we don't, we don't try to get to the root cause of the disease or illness that's affecting the person. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  26:23

The other thing that's really beautiful about Ayurveda is everybody on this planet is a unique, individual. So each individual has a makeup of what they call the doshas. And the doshas are the elements. And they're broken into three specific categories. There's the vata category that is dealing with the elements are comprised of the elements of air and ether. There's the pitta category that's comprised of the elements of fire in water. And then there's the kapha category that is comprised of the elements of earth, and water. And so your unique dosha can be comprised of all three, but you have one that's primary, one that's secondary, and one that's tertiary, if you have a composition of the third one. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  27:16

The beautiful thing about knowing this information and knowing what your dosha is, is because everything you do in life, with regards to how you eat, how you think how you move about, ebb and flow on the planet has to do with your dosha. And when your dosha is out of balance that opens up the gateway, the opening for illness and disease to come into the mind, body, spirit. So it's it's a beautiful thing. The other thing that makes us so unique with our doshas is at the moment of conception when that egg says yes, baby sperm, come on in honey, when that egg opens up  and the sperm unites with the egg that is the moment your dosha is created. That's what makes you so uniquely, individually beautiful. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  28:09

So I love Ayurveda, it uses utilizes natural remedies, herbs, detoxification processes, the essential oils or oils, or just a whole lot of different, natural modalities that help us to stay healthy and well in mind body spirit. And the other beautiful thing is Ayurvedic sages back in those ancient times, all those years ago, crossed over into China, and was sharing the wisdom with the Chinese gurus there. And that's how the evolution of Chinese traditional medicine came about. It was just the them being receptive to the knowledge that these others have about, you know, treating, treating the human mind, body and spirit; it's just a beautiful, beautiful modality for all of us.


Rochel  Marie Lawson  29:03

 So if you're not aware, now you have a little bit information. And if you want to know what your dosha type is, can I share something because it's absolutely free. But if you want to know what your dosha type is you 


Peggie Kirkland  29:15

Please do. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  29:17

Okay, you can go to my website and of course triple w blissful living the number four, the letter forward slash body type or unique body type. And there will be a quiz that pops up and you answer these questions, and you'll find out exactly what your dosha is; your primary, secondary, tertiary if you have all three, and you'll get a wonderful resource as to the foods you should eat, and how you can look for when you're in out of balance and things you can do to get yourself restored back in balance. It's just  ... it's a it's a beautiful gift and it's free. And you know just might help you on your journey. Like I said as you travel down your path to bliss to help just keep the ...Health and Wellness... just make it a little bit easier to keep things in check.


Peggie Kirkland  30:04

Another mouthful, Marie. Lots of wisdom, lots of learning, you're delivering for us today. So my final question to you really is for anyone who's listening and who might be skeptical, and you're not here to win anyone over to engaging in Ayurvedic practices, but I'm curious to know, whether Western... traditional Western medicine and Ayurvedic practices can be used in conjunction with each other, or does one take the place of another.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  30:43

So, um, first of all, definitely not trying to convert anyone over you know; your journey is your journey, I'm just here to share wisdom, and information and knowledge with all of you about there is other ways to help keep you healthy and well, even if you're suffering from a chronic illness right now, there are other ways and other things that you can do to help you to feel better. And when you think about some of these physicians that we now have, that are called integrative practitioners, they have begun to incorporate Eastern or holistic or natural medicine into the western medicine practices. So that's what an integrative physician is. Now, I don't say you go one way or another. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  31:25

First of all, check with your primary care provider, your doctor first, before doing any changes in your health and well being specific. And specifically, if you have a chronic illness or disease. Next, you know, find out a little bit because when I initially just solely focused on helping people with that aspect, and solely focused on the Ayurvedic aspect of well-being, I tell people, you can ... long as you check with your health care provider first, but you can go all the way full Ayurveda; you can you know, stay all Western, and I could work with you that way. Or you can combine the two you can take, you know, continue you doing your Western practices while you start combining some simple things that don't require too much on you, that you lose, lose the, you know, the energy to continue to do it.  You can combine it. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  32:18

And so it's really an open book. And again, we're all unique. So some people may need though some people may need more 75/35 or, you know, whatever it is 75/25 ,I'm sorry, whatever it is, but you know, you can do ... However, if you work with a true Ayurvedic physician, which I'm not, somewhere I want to say... so if you go to India or something, they may really want you to, you know, kind of curtail a little bit, but not necessarily, it's just everybody's individual treatment is their individual treatment. And again, that's what makes it so beautiful.


Peggie Kirkland  32:53

Wow. Thank you for that,  Marie. So now that we're coming to the end of the interview, what's one thing that you would want listeners to know and remember, from our chat here today, if they if they don't remember anything else? What's one thing you would like them to definitely keep in mind?


 Rochel Marie Lawson  33:16

Oh, what I would love for the listeners to keep in mind is that no matter where you are, on your journey, your path to bliss, we all have different journeys. Things will come upon your journey, and you may not understand right away why that challenge has come upon your journey, or why a different direction ... why you're being taken into a different direction. But trust me, that challenge is a lesson for you to learn. And when you learn the lesson, the next time, a challenge like that appears on your path it's just that much easier to get past it. 


 Rochel Marie Lawson  33:58

The other thing is if you've had a detour that you feel, you're going a certain way that you feel is kind of taking you away, it's going to be revealed to you why that is happening. And it's always for your best and highest good. So don't ever get discouraged. Treat your journey on your path to bliss as your own beautiful, unique journey you can create the life of your dreams, if you take it and really, really, really look at it as you have a beautiful life. And yeah, there's going to be negative stuff that happens and things ebb and flow, and there's a lot of positive stuff that happens. But the greatest gift is that you are able to experience your own unique journey. And you can ebb and flow and design it any way you want. No matter challenges come up or not because it is your unique journey for you and you alone, and that's what I want leave with the listeners.


Peggie Kirkland  34:57

 Marie, I'm not sure what It is about that last nugget of wisdom that makes me feel emotional. It really just it struck me at the very core, because I think it's something I share often with others. But it was so nice to feel like a vessel that you just poured it into. Thank you so much for that. Marie, it's been an absolute pleasure having you here today and such an inspiration. Now, how can listeners reach out to you, if they wanted to learn more about what you shared, or to work with you?


 Rochel Marie Lawson  35:39

Oh, they can reach out to me, you can again, go to my website at blissful living the number 4, the letter you can submit a contact information from there, you can email me @infoatblissful I'm all over social media, so you can find me on Instagram at  Lawson, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all@  Lawson. And I'll pop up YouTube, I'm everywhere. So if you don't find me is because you're not looking. But I know there's a lot of people out there you can even Google me and I'll pop up. I know there's a lot of people in the world. And I've just you know, a beautiful nugget, like the rest of you in the big scheme of things. But I'm all over. But definitely, you can go to my website, for sure.


Peggie Kirkland  36:29

And all of your social media links will be in the show notes. So you don't have to stress yourself out ladies, you'll be able to get that information and get those links in the show notes. Thank you so much  Marie. You shared your personal experiences with us, and I know that someone out there will benefit from what you shared with us and from how you were able to deal with your own journey. Thanks again.


 Rochel Marie Lawson  37:04

Thank you so much for having me. It's been an honor and pleasure, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity.


Peggie Kirkland  37:13

If you've been inspired and encouraged by the positive messages in today's show, please take a moment to rate and review the show on Apple podcast. This will help to keep the show alive. And remember, sharing is caring. So don't forget to share these gems with friends and family. strangers to if you like, let them know it's available wherever they listen to their podcast. I'm counting on you to share the love. Until next time. This is PK sending you much light and a whole lot of love.

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