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September 30, 2021
Season Two Introduction: Why It's Important To Put Yourself First!

Learn to put yourself first is our message to ladies over 40.  This is not an easy habit to form when you've been used to prioritizing everyone else's needs above your own, but it is something you can learn to do.  It is crucial for women to internalize the fact that focusing on themselves is the most unselfish act they can perform because everyone around them benefits wh…


Peggie Kirkland

Hi ladies,  we are  a week away from the start of Season Two. Did you miss me as much as I missed you? Listen, I missed you so much that in the middle of my hiatus, I woke up one morning with what you might call a Divine download. It was like, out of nowhere, I got the message that I could continue to bring value to you through publishing affirmations. And so I started the Season of Affirmations. I see you've been downloading them. So thank you, and I hope they've been useful for you. 

Well, I had this lofty goal of bringing you one affirmation a day, with opportunities for you to self-reflect through journaling. My intention was to provide 25 affirmations, one each weekday, until we started up again. Kudos to me for that!  And I was able to do that until I got to day 16, and realized that I needed to shift my focus to start the new season, or I wouldn't be able to keep my promise to start Season Two on October 6.

 I have to tell you, I'm very proud of myself, that in spite of my tendency to suffer from Honor Roll Hangover, which I talked about in Episode Six, I let the recovering perfectionist take over, and I gave myself permission to pivot for now. Besides, I did get some feedback that you wanted more time to reflect between affirmations. So we'll pick up the affirmations again on Mondays, where you'll have a chance to share an affirmation that resonated with you and its impact on your life. All you need to do is to go to the website, click on the mic and share. I'm really looking forward to that.

In this new season, I'm going to continue to publish episodes on the first and third Wednesday of each month. But this season, as I promised you, you'll have the chance to hear from guests who either learned or taught others to STOP putting themselves on the back burner and START prioritizing their own needs. I just know you're going to be inspired by their stories of resiliency and starting over, of health and self-healing, of gaining clarity through journaling, of showing self-love through world travel, and the list goes on. I'm excited! 

Oh, by the way, you may have noticed that I changed the cover art for the show, jazzed it up a little bit, and the website as well. I hope you like what I did.  What I did keep, though, were the colors of blue and orange; blue because psychology wisdom says blue represents introspective journeys, wisdom and depth of understanding, patience and tranquility like the peace of the ocean when they're just little waves, and everything seems so still, while orange  symbolizes energy, feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, and warmth, like the glow of a fireplace in the winter. My hope is that we meet in the middle of those two as we enthusiastically share our stories and bring peace and calm into each other's lives. But right now, I'm bleeding orange because I'm so excited to get started. And I hope you are too. 

This is PK sending you much light and a whole lot of love.